Zodiac sign Scorpio

Profound researcher

You cannot get rid of Scorpios with some little pieces of information. They check up carefully and find all the dirt swept under the carpet. Surrendering is a foreign concept to them; when their passion is raised, they do shy away from risks.

Zodiac sign Scorpio

Character: Tell me WHAT you are and I tell you HOW you are!

Goodbye monotony!

Scorpios are not the man in the street, indeed. They like to live out their dark side and succeed in discovering it in others. They sometimes scheme an intrigue or antagonise others by teasing them. They have their way without compromise.

Fun: Laughing lustily

At the expense of others

They have reached their goal when others have to take a deep breath because of what is fun for Scorpios. Their passion is ghoulish joking, which they particularly use to take vengeance. Is there anything funnier than spitefulness?

Happiness: The dream of eternal happiness

All or nothing

They do not want feelings without ups and downs. In that case, Scorpios would prefer being desperately unhappy and hopeless. They seek after the big love and intensive passion, so that can get themselves into full life (also in bed) completely.

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