Zodiac sign Capricorn

Reliable pighead

They know what to expect from life and if it means to work hard to achieve a goal - well, then Capricorns work hard. And sometime, they will have managed it. Therefore, they are not ruthless, but highly reliable.

Zodiac sign Capricorn

Character: Tell me WHAT you are and I tell you HOW you are!

Gritty worker

Life is not easy and it also should not be so for Capricorns. Difficulties are to be ironed out. When they have finally attained their goal, they may be really proud. They are untiring, thorough and absolutely reliable.

Fun: Laughing lustily

Behind the facade

Since everybody assumes that they are earnest people, Capricorns have occasion for nice jokes. For example, nobody will suspect them of embarrassing situations caused by them. They keep a straight face and inwardly laugh their head off.

Happiness: The dream of eternal happiness

Glancing upward

It is their goal to work their way to the top. This may be strenuous, but only taking small steps can make them happy when appreciating them correspondingly. And after all, they may not be too demanding - as long as nothing goes wrong, everything is wonderful.

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