Zodiac sign Cancer

Shy and always eager to help

The Cancers' greatest concern is to know that everyone is fine - it does not matter whether it is about family members, colleagues, neighbours or absolute strangers. They are very domestic and feel most comfortable in their own home.

Zodiac sign cancer

Character: Tell me WHAT you are and I tell you HOW you are!

Delicate person

Cancers are very sentimental, but also sensitive. They live and suffer with others that convey a great deal to them; however, those must be careful not to insult Cancers by inconsiderate remarks or actions - then, Cancers take care of everyone.

Fun: Laughing lustily

A child inwardly

Cancers may almost die laughing about a colourfully dressed clown falling over his own feet. They like harmless fun and funny children's games. When they watch (their) children laugh happily, they get deeply moved and gladly join in.

Happiness: The dream of eternal happiness

Family idyll

When huddling up against their partner in front of the TV in the evening, knowing that the children are sleeping peacefully, the pets are cared for well, the flat is cleaned up cosily and every dispute is settled, then there is heaven on earth for Cancers.

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