Zodiac sign Virgio

Systematic orderly persons

Virgos sometimes awake drenched in sweat, because they have dreamt that their flat is a total mess. They can settle back again - everything is in apple pie order, of course! Everything has to be in its proper place and ready to be picked up and then it is okay.

Zodiac sign Virgio

Character: Tell me WHAT you are and I tell you HOW you are!

Streak-free shine

Some say Virgos are fussy. They, themselves, would call it "thorough". They carefully plan out in advance and watch out for a tidy environment. They drive the point home when something does not suit their book. They keep their promises; you can rely on them.

Fun: Laughing lustily

Moderate only

They are absolutely far from hysterical laughter and silly giggling. But this is unreasonable! The thing is not that they are down on laughing in principle. It is supposed to be healthy and, as a consequence, scheduled every once in while - but in moderation only.

Happiness: The dream of eternal happiness

Cheerful performance of their duties

Can you become happy by working off a to-do list? Oh yes, you can, at least when you are a Virgin. Virgins like working indeed, but when all duties are done and everything is perfectly clean, they enjoy settling back and unwinding.

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