Zodiac sign Leo

Generous organisational talent

A mega event needs to be organised? No problem, Leos deal with it hands down. However, they do not withdraw modestly, but would like to win fame and praise - that is what they need like others need their daily bread. When they get enough, they share with others generously.

Zodiac sign Leo

Character: Tell me WHAT you are and I tell you HOW you are!

Hub of the world

They are important - and Leos hope that all people notice this and behave accordingly. Then, they allow others to bask in their favour. Nevertheless, they are good-natured and enjoy being among many others. Their love of luxury will become expensive.

Fun: Laughing lustily

Clear the stage!

They enjoy taking centre stage and take every opportunity to entertain others. Leos are pleased when their audience doubles up with laughter and dashes away tears of laughter. Even though there is embarrassed silence, remedying words come into their mind.

Happiness: The dream of eternal happiness


The favourite sound of Leos is the clapping of hands - at least, when it is for them: when admirers look up to them, praise them to the skies and they seem to be the centre of the world, then they feel this pleasant feeling and cannot get enough.

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